Promo video for Cocktail Jazz album
Film, Cinematography
Promo VDO exhibition [Peter Diem]
2 legends reviewed by a 3rd giant artist
Script, Edit, Music, Voice-over
Lifestyle VDO bespoke clothing [Virum]
2 corporate VDO's smartly cut in 6 social clips
Story, Camera, Edit, Music
Impression VDO real estate stylist
1 corporate VDO smartly cut in 3 social pieces
Camera, Edit, Music
Style VDO for skater
1 lifestyle VDO smartly cut in 2 social clips
Camera, Edit, Music
Corporate VDO for custom-made furniture supplier [MMS]
1 corporate VDO smartly cut in 5 social clips
Script, Camera, Edit, Music, Voice-over
Cinemagraphs [Unleash]
Surrealistic alienating visual effect communicating the releasing result caused by these trainer coaches.
Strategy, Concept, Art Direction, Direction, Edit
Animation & Whiteboard VDO's [Albert Heijn a.o.]
How to make difficult matter simple.
Strategy, Script
TV Commercials for garden supplier [Koers KKS]
Mayor projects, small garden needs. Koers supplies no matter how big you are.
strategy, concept, script, casting
Web VDO's with upset wine snob [Vinoo]
A protest movement initiated by old-fashioned Winand the Once Wine Pro against Europe's largest online wine database Vinoo.
Strategy, Concept, Script, Direction, Edit, Music
Promo VDO for workshop [OUT&NAAR]
A dazzling VDO representative for the workshop master and his mind.
Edit, Workshop, Logo Design
TV commercials for national soccer league [Eredivisie]
Really everyone's longing for the new football season! Dutch premier football league is about to start soon...
Concept, Script, Casting, Art direction
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